Free College Applications

Applying to several colleges is the best way for a student to increase their chances of getting accepted, but with the high application fees, this can be a financial burden. Some families simply do not have that kind of money, but that should not hinder their chances of furthering their education. Thankfully, there are ways to waive the application fee so that you can get free college applications. There are a few steps that a student must take in order to get the fee waived, but it can certainly be done. This allows anyone, no matter their financial situation, to apply for colleges so that they can improve their education.

A fee waiver is for students that have limited financial resources. Typically, the application fee waiver form is for students that have just graduated high school and plan to attend college immediately that fall. There are many ways to find out who is eligible to use this form. One of the best ways for students to find out if they are eligible for the form is by thinking back to the SAT or ACT. If a student was eligible or received a fee waiver for these tests, they are also able to use this form. The best way to find out if you qualify for this is to contact your high school guidance counselor for some college admissions assistance.

Of course, that is not the only way to be eligible for the free application waiver. A student may also be able to use this form if they are enrolled, or are eligible to enroll, in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch Program (FRPL). There are also factors like if the family is receiving public assistance or if their family income meets the Income Eligibility Guidelines that have been set up by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service. A student may also be able to use the form if there family is enrolled in a local, state, or federal program that is meant to help families with a low-income.

While there are a few more ways for a student to qualify, those are the most common. After a student has discovered that they are eligible for a free application waiver, they must fill out the form and ensure that they have completed all of the necessary requirements. These requirements are typically easy to complete, but the student must take special care before sending the form off to be reviewed. There are numerous requirements, some being that the student must send the form directly to the admissions office of the college or university they are applying to and the student section must be completed entirely.

Getting a free application waiver can help a student that has limited financial resources apply to multiple colleges of his/her choice. This is an incredible opportunity that every potential student should take advantage of if they are able to. The student should carefully review the eligibility requirements and if they find they are able to apply, they should then carefully complete the form. If a mistake was to be made, it could cause a serious delay in the entire process, causing a hassle for both the student and the school. For any student that wishes to go to college, take the time to review the eligibility requirements.